Mojo’s Racing Sim Hideout


This site is dedicated to race sim modding and behind-the-scenes information.

Due the increased amount of censorship and over-moderation on sites like nogrip, racedepartment and racesimcentral, I felt the urge to create a place where I can say and do whatever I want.

This is also a place for mods and background information that can’t be hosted on mainstream sites.

My main fields of interest are converting and improving existing tracks and mods. Lots of my work revolves around the greatest race track in the world, the (in-)famous Nordschleife.


Mainstream sites like nogrip, racedepartment and racesimcentral started as independent place for trading inside information about racing sims. Nowadays, they are just the lever for the industry, the play field where they can set the rules to draw as much money out of the consumer’s pocket as possible. Ever wondered why SimBin doesn’t host their own forum? They don’t need to, they pay whores like Jabba, James Burgess and Bram Hengeveld to do the dirty work for them.

Welcome to my  hideout!